Comment ça marche?

Manage your claim

Organize events

Get noticed

Organize meetings, public events, and press conferences about your claim and give people the opportunity to meet you. It’s important to put a face to the name when it comes to talking strategy. A united team is an efficient team!


  • Mobilize your supporters.

Create interest in your claim by asking Weroes members to help you prepare for the actions outlined in your plan. For example, recruit volunteers to assist with the coordination of your action plan. The actions you’ve specified will appear on the map with some information.

  • Talk about your action plan in a video.

YouTube is the most popular social network for video sharing. And because it’s owned by Google, you’ll benefit from even higher visibility on the web.

Don’t hesitate to create a YouTube channel so that other users can subscribe. Keep track of your conversations! Regularly post videos about the progress of your action plan and your negotiations with decision makers.

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