Comment ça marche?

Pourquoi faire Manage your claim

Declare victory

You should be proud! Thanks to your hard work, numerous members joined your movement and together you made it a success!

Don’t stop there: share your success by thanking your supporters and posting the good news all over social networks!

  • Declare victory.

Only you can determine if you’ve achieved victory.
To do this, think about what’s most important in your results:
Is it the number of participants? The outcome of your claim?

For example: If your goal was to put an end to a problem and the decision-maker is going to make improvements, you could call that a victory. What’s most important is that you’ve initiated change!

  • Share your success.

Tell Weroes members about your victory! The news will travel fast over the Internet.

  • Honour those who helped you.

When you declare victory, a dialogue box will open where you can write your official announcement. All of your supporters will receive it. Honour them!

Next, inform other members by email, via social networking sites and through the media, or during a Weroes meeting. Your hard work has paid off, show the world that change is possible!

  • Tell your story.

Ask those who followed your claim and helped make change to tell their story by writing it down or making a video. Then upload the video(s) to your YouTube channel and post written stories on other social networks. Plus, why not include a statement from your key player: the decision-maker.

To tell your story, visit your victorious claim’s page and click on MORE INFORMATION. Select SOURCES, then TELL YOUR STORY, and describe your accomplishments. New members will be encouraged by your positive story!

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