Comment ça marche?

Succeed in your claim

Analyze any changes

Follow your cause very closely, even after victory.

To ensure the positive development of the situation, it’s important to stay on good terms with your decision maker.

If you’d like to raise points on weaknesses you’ve observed, we ask you to be respectful. Weroes believes that change is possible without violence.



  • Evaluate decision maker’s efforts.

You should keep an eye your decision maker, even after you’ve declared victory. Make sure he or she keeps their promises. Remember your initial objectives and ensure commitments are respected.

  • Share decision maker’s efforts.

Your decision maker has received your claim. This person has considered your actions, those of your supporters and is making an effort to respect your objectives. The least you can do is encourage them by telling the world about their efforts, thus making them feel valued.

  • Invite decision maker to join you.

A food-chain pushing for GMO-free products… why not? Never underestimate potential partners. Your decision maker may be a future Weroes member!

  • Help decision maker grow your cause.

Why not make change side by side with your decision maker?
For example, a business executive has decided to try and please his clients by changing his methods, a positive outcome from working with Weroes. This person could one day become an ambassador, who knows?

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