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Follow your action plan

Weroes offers a variety of tools to help you manage your suggested claims and action plans. At any time, with just a few clicks, you get full access to everything you need to know about your action plan, including updates.

Dashboard: Created claims and supported claims

Created claims

Your dashboard is an important ally in the organization and coordination of your claims, the execution and monitoring of your action plans, and all related activities.

  • Follow the evolution of your claims.

Your dashboard offers a repertoire of your created claims, distinguishing between suggested claims and action plans.

  • Verify the number of supporters.

Under every ongoing action plan, you can see the number of members who support you and contact them, in just one click!

  • See how many countries support you.

You’ll be surprised to see how countries, separated by thousands of kilometers, can come together with a means of action. You’re more than just a change maker, you’re an international spokesperson.

  • Get more options.

Your action plan isn’t set in stone!
You can modify it at any time (add details, postpone deadlines), remove it or start from scratch. You can also print your action plan, get a list of participants and download Weroes signatures.

  • Declare victory.

The more countries you can reach with your claim, the better your chances of succeeding. Claims that appeal to a global audience put even more pressure on the decision-maker! Click DECLARE VICTORY and write a victory message to your supporters in the dialogue box that appears. Warning: once you’ve declared victory, there’s no going back.

Dashboard: suggested claims

Keep an eye on your suggested claims. All that’s needed to activate and transform them into an action plan is you.

  • How many suggested claims have you created?

Keep track of your claims and all details associated them. That includes how long it’s been since they were created and how many people support them.

  • How many of your suggested claims have been activated?

This section will tell you how many of your suggested claims have been activated into claims/action plans, either by yourself or by other Weroes. You’ll also get a better idea of which claims do a better job of motivating people to take action.

Supported claims

This is where you’ll find a complete list of suggested claims and action plans you support. You can even see how long you’ve been supporting them and members who share the same interests.

Supported claims

Dashboard: notifications

Has a Weroes member created a claim on a subject that interests you and you’d like more info quickly?
Would you like to receive our newsletter on targeted subjects?
Do you prefer petitions over demonstrations?

You can choose the types of claims and actions that speak to you, whatever their origin. Notifications keep you up to date on suggested claims and action plans you’ve either activated or simply support.

  • Choose your claims categories.

Are children’s rights important to you?
Are technology claims of no interest to you?
Everybody is different! Choose your interests and receive targeted information.

  • Suggest a category.

Your claims category isn’t featured in our list?
Suggest it and tell us more!

  • Select one or more places of interest.

Would you like learn about action plans in your country?
Are you passionate about social movements in Latin America?
Indicate places that interest you, whether across the globe or closer to home.

  • Indicate a specific place.

Would you like to receive updates on a specific place known for social movement?
This could be in front of city hall where demonstrations are held, a café that offers free coffee to the homeless, etc…
Name the place!

  • Add a city.

Have recent events in your city got you thinking?
Add this city to your notifications and stay informed.

  • Add a country.

Have recent events in your country got you thinking?
Add this country to your notifications and stay informed.

  • What kind of action will you take?

Different people are into different means of action. Outgoing people might feel comfortable demonstrating while busy folks prefer to sign a petition. Boycott, demonstration, petition... how will you actively participate in an action plan?

Dashboard: Settings

Some alerts are more relevant than others, depending on your Weroes profile. You can decide what kind of notifications you’d like to receive on the website or in your inbox.

  • Manage your suggested claims.

Get informed as soon as a member supports or comments on your suggested claim. You can then find the person’s profile and start a conversation!

  • Manage your action plans.

Comments, modifications, timelines… action plans you’ve created or co-created will become an important part of your life. Pay attention to all updates and don’t miss a thing!

  • Support other action plans.

When you support an action plan, you become a player in its success. Keep up to date on the different activities associated with the plan, which you can choose to get notifications for.

  • Support suggested claims.

Follow the evolution of a suggested claim before you activate it!
You can select notifications that will keep you up to date on the claims that interest you.

  • Follow posts.

Weroes members have a lot to say. Your social network will be buzzing with conversations, comments and debates… don’t miss out!

  • Manage your inbox.

Would you like to receive notifications daily or would you like to spread them out?

Dashboard: What’s next?

What stage are you in?
Find out what you’re missing to reach your goals, and how much time you have left to complete your claim!

  • Keep an eye on your detailed plan.

Are you juggling several claims at once?
The dashboard provides an overview of every action, every place, all in chronological order.

  • Stay focused on your objectives .

Weroes makes it easy to readjust your claim’s settings as you go. Did you reach your participant numbers a month before your deadline? You can easily increase your objective for an even more popular claim. If you haven’t defined participant numbers, Weroes will automatically provide an update. For example, if a petition objective is set at 1,000 by Weroes, that number will automatically jump to 2,000 as soon as it reaches 800 signatures.

  • Know the details of your successes.

Weroes gives you access to a complete summary of your claims and successful actions. You’ll find the number of supporters, event dates, the timetable, reports, the details of your victories and more!

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