Why Weroes?

Put an end to collective failure!

Alone, we can only dream of being heroes. Together, we are Weroes.

  1. Claim

    Weroes is a social network that gives you the support and the tools you need to structure, launch and promote social issue projects in your neighbourhood, your city, your region, your country and on the world stage.

  2. Come together

    Are you upset about a situation that’s endangering collective well-being and sustainability? Using our platform, you can create a claim, bring people together, build a collective action plan and more. All it takes is motivated members like you!

  3. Spread the word

    More and more people worldwide want their voices heard. The internet makes it easy to get and share information. Weroes is the tool we’ve been waiting for to revitalize democracy.

A Weroes sleeps in every citizen

Are you outraged by a global social injustice? Would you like to improve the lot of citizens in your neighbourhood? Make a demand.