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More information

You’re almost there! This is the last step in activating your claim. To ensure its success, support your cause with information that will help the population and media understand it. 

Here are some options:

  • Information sources and references.

Click ADD A SOURCE to manage the categories of information that could increase the authenticity value of your action plan. When you click on one of these categories, a dialog box will open and allow you to add details (link and short description). These details will provide additional documentation to Weroes members who wish to find out more. Who knows? Your action plan could become a reference!

  • Preparatory activities and actions.

The MAP AND ACTIVITY CALENDAR tab allows you to add preparatory activities and actions related to your claim, or flag “problems” (central points in your plan). By adding activities, you will allow the people interested in your claim to meet in person and become further involved.

When you click ADD AN ACTIVITY, you’ll have a choice between three options:

  • Preparatory activities

Preparatory activities include the preparation and coordination of your action plan. Will you need volunteers to distribute leaflets? Organize a recruitment session! Do you need to discuss your strategy with your Weroes supporters? Plan a meeting!

  • Actions

Actions focus on your claim in real time and participate in its vitality and accomplishment. For example, organizing a demonstration against a company as part of your boycotting campaign is considered an action.

  • Problems

Problems are the “central points” in your action plan – the heart of your claim. As part of a boycott, for example, the problems are the different offices of the company you’re targeting (headquarters, administrative office, points of sale). Another simple example: If your action plan focuses on boycotting an oil company, your “problems” are gas stations!

  1. Give your activity a clear title.
  2. Indicate the schedule and location
  3. Add a 400-character description (optional).
  • Images.

Illustrate your actions using images as often as you like! You can add up to 100 photos in your album. You can drop a photo, upload it from your computer, or use a URL to display it in your action plan. Your images must fit the following requirements: Minimum of 890 X 500 pixels; maximum of 20 MB; JPEG, PNG, GIF, OR BMP format. Personalize your claim!

  • Updates.

The UPDATE tab is one of the most important tools to keep track of your action plan’s progress. You can record all important information and insights collected throughout the process. You can also share the results of your discussions and negotiations with the opposing party. Only the author of a claim can make an update. Your recipient has agreed to meet you? A journalist or blogger mentioned your action plan in an article? These updates are crucial and your supporters should be kept in the loop!

  • Conclusion.

Carefully read the Weroes rules and regulations and click SUBMIT. Your action plan is now active!

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