Why should your organization create a profile page on Weroes?

Revive your inactive members

  • Turn your passive members and contacts into active members with engaging campaigns on Weroes
  • Offer customized actions, according your member engagement level and increase your conversion rates
  • Display Weroes campaigns on your website to engage your visitors in the action.

Galvanize your fundraisers

  • Turn your new supporters into donors or volunteers
  • Activate your fundraisers or crowdfunding campaigns directly on Weroes
  • Display the impact of donations and contributions by organizing campaigns and collective actions leading to concrete results

Create and mobilize your community

  • Your free Weroes account gives you
    • A certified profile page that connects to your website, where you can mobilize your supporters
    • Mobilize your supporters by launching:
      • - Collective action Campaigns
      • - Crowdfunding campaigns
    • The option to run multi-action campaigns, to download videos, photos and documents, and to update your followers.

Recruit new supporters

  • Find supporters among Weroes members and build a committed community to support your projects
  • Find out who follows your page and receive detailed traffic reports
  • Get help from Weroes’s specialists to share your profile page and campaigns by targeting

Activate your movement

  • Increase the visibility of your organization, projects and campaigns with a certified profile page on Weroes
  • Connect with other passionate Weroes members
  • Engage with your community by launching collective action campaigns (petitions, letters, demonstrations, boycotts or any other personalized action) as well as crowdfunding and surveys

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