Comment ça marche?

Succeed in your claim

Organize training events

Pick a date and motivate! Organize one or more meetings and share your expertise. 

We ask successful Weroes (those who’ve developed an action plan and made it victorious) to offer their help to others looking for success.

Organize your coaching event however you see fit. Whether in a formal setting, a café or in someone’s living room, these meetings / training events are the perfect place to share your insider secrets, including how to master the revolutionary aspects of the network.

It’s also a great way to meet other members and encourage them to activate new action plans.



  • Invite your supporters.

Via social networks, the Weroes forum or by email, invite your supporters to join your training session. With every meeting, they’ll gain more perspective on how to make their own plans successful.

  • Promote your training.

You can promote your training during a networking event or via a social forum, for example. Journalists generally attend networking events but you can also reach out to those who’ve given your cause media coverage.

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