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Want to propose an alternative to a new city plan in your neighborhood? Want to boycott a brand to pressure them into respecting human rights? Your first step is to create a survey! Follow fellow members’ reactions and comments, and brainstorm together. See what actions have been taken by other Weroes and which methods have been the most popular.

The survey

The survey isn’t a passive action – quite the opposite! It’s your first step towards victory. A survey can receive the support of other users. They can leave comments, discuss suggested means of action, recommend others, and vote on the one they think will be most effective.



First, create your user profile.



Next, on the homepage, click START, then select the option CREATE A SURVEY NOW.

Here’s how to create a survey:


Suggérer une revendication

  • Choose a clear and concise title.

Your title is of the utmost importance. It’s the first thing other users will read, and so it should make them want to find out more and support your cause. You have a maximum of 100 characters – use them to summarize the objective of your claim as clearly as possible. Check out our advice and examples.

  • Select a maximum of one or two categories.

Your survey may correspond to more than one category. Don’t hesitate to choose a second one to give it more visibility.

  • Define your keywords.

This field is optional. You can attach keywords to your suggested claim to increase its chances of being found and noticed on the web. The more powerful your keywords, the more impact your claim is likely to have and thus draw the attention of other Weroes.

  • Describe.

This field is required. Describe the situation and what’s at stake as precisely as possible. Indicate the targeted decision-makers and how you want them to react. You have a maximum of 2,500 characters.

  • Indicate the location.

The location will draw the attention of users interested in particular areas, since users can refine their search to certain geographic areas.

  • Upload an image.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Along with your title, your image is what will most motivate users to find out about your suggested claim, and it’s the first thing they’ll see. Choose it wisely and make sure it represents your suggested claim well. Your image must fit the following requirements: Minimum of 890 X 500 pixels; maximum of 20 MB; JPEG, PNG, GIF, OR BMP format.

  • Preview before saving.

Before publishing your survey, make sure your content looks how you intend it to. 

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