Comment ça marche?

Manage your claim

Power your action plan

Make some noise!

Share your action plan on Facebook, create a hashtag on Twitter, make a video to raise awareness, find allies in local groups and associations, and get involved in the Weroes community…
The options are endless!

  • Share on social networks.

Share your action plan and increase the popularity of your claim!
Within every plan, you can click on the share features and choose the social network(s) you use most (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn). With millions of users every day, just imagine the impact.

  • Create a Facebook page.

There are two types of pages to choose from:

  1. A Business page is a great way to collect ‘likes’. The more ‘likes’, the bigger the support! Plus, you can create an ad campaign for your claim. Before you do anything though, make sure your page is complete.
  2. A Group page allows you to unite your community of supporters. Here you can find Weroes who support your claim, invite others who might be interested in your approach or you can simply discuss solutions and your action plan.

In the GOODIES section, you’ll find Weroes images you can use to identify your page (profile photos, cover photos). Go ahead and load them onto your personal page as well, get your followers talking!

  • Tweet.

Create a hashtag, tweet and retweet!
Add it to your favourites, be a part of the conversation and your claim could go viral (and fast). Plus, mention organizations that interest you too and they’ll be compelled to reply quickly. Get people talking in just 140 characters!

  • Create a video.

A video can explain a situation or a problem far better than the written word. Put yourself on stage or get behind the camera; speak directly to your supporters and think outside the box!

  • Contact bloggers.

The web is crawling with all kinds of different bloggers. Ask them to share your claim and watch it grow even more!

  • Find allies.

You’re not the only one who believes in social change: your claim is likely to interest more than one association. Find those that share in your beliefs and ask if they’d be willing to help drive your action plan forward.

Get more supporters

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are your best allies. Just don’t neglect the old fashion method of spreading information: word of mouth.

Tell your supporters

Keep in contact with your supporters. The more you tell them about your claim, the more likely they are to participate.

Answer questions, engage on social networks. Your presence will not only encourage your supporters, it’ll give you the opportunity to share with other users.

  • Post updates.

The UPDATE tab is one way to keep your supporters up to date on your claim and on the progress of your action plan. The moment you post a comment about, for example, your negotiations with decision makers, your supporters will receive a notification by email.

  • Encourage participation.

Your supporters want to know more. When you interact with your community, that’s when you grab their attention.

Encourage others to participate in your action plan, reply to questions and comments. Invite your supporters to share relevant information such as articles and links related to your claim.

Don’t forget to thank them.

  • Copy the media and your decision maker.

Are you about to start a conversation with an influencer? Add value by including your supporters in the exchange. Not only will they feel valued, but your recipient will understand that you’re not alone in your efforts.

Share your action plan internationally

Weroes know no borders!
An action plan has the power to unite people from all over the world.

Numerous countries are experiencing similar problems, whether democratic or environmental. Get in touch and collaborate. Combine your knowledge, your experience and your work via the internet and social networks. Encourage others to do the same and your claim will go international.

  • Encourage other countries to act.

Once you share your plan, other people might want to activate the same plan in their country. Contact these members and prepare for your actions together.

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