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  • Choose a clear and concise title.

Your title is the first thing other users will see; it should make them want to find out more. Your title should summarize the objective of your action plan in a maximum of 100 characters, in a clear and concise manner. Check out our advice and examples.


  • Select a maximum of one or two categories.

Your action plan may correspond to more than one category. Don’t hesitate to choose a second one to give it more visibility.

  • Define your keywords.

This field is optional. You can attach keywords to your claim to increase its chances of being found and noticed on the Web.

  • Describe.

This field is required. Be precise: Describe the situation and what’s at stake, then indicate the targeted decision-makers and how you want them to react. You have a maximum of 2,500 characters. 

  • Indicate the location.

The location will draw the attention of users interested in particular areas.

  • Upload an image.

Along with your title, the image you choose is what will most incite users to find out about your claim. Your image must fit the following requirements: Minimum of 890 X 500 pixels; maximum of 20 MB; JPEG, PNG, GIF, OR BMP format.

  • Add collaborators.

If you’ve thought of a great cause to defend but fear running out of time, you can share the task by inviting collaborators (friends, contacts, supporters).

The ADD COLLABORATORS link allows you to search and add up to 5 collaborators to whom you can assign specific tasks and responsibilities. It’s a great way to maximize your time.

  • Preview before saving.
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