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How can Weroes provoke change?

What do successful action plans have in common?

What’s the best way to take action? 

1. How can Weroes provoke change?

Weroes provides its members with various ways to take action in the form of simple and effective tools that that speak for themselves: petitions, boycotts, demonstrations or personalized actions.

Weroes connects people across all borders to initiate global change.

The social network offers the possibility to structure a plan that will trigger several actions until you accomplish your goal. The variety of means of actions available makes it easy to adapt your strategy to different partners and apply pressure to decision-makers at all levels. Sometimes a petition is your best bet and sometimes a demonstration is better. You can also suggest other means such as a letter campaign.


2. What do successful action plans have in common?

Claims that result in a win have several points in common:

  • A clear objective

Would you like encouragement and support?

Establish a reasonable goal that mirrors the action you’ve suggested in your claim. Indicate if you’d like to improve, change or eliminate a situation. The action you choose must also correspond to the extent of the problem. Ask yourself: “What do I want to change?”. If you can’t summarize your claim in one sentence, it’s too long.

  • A targeted strategy

Who can make change?

Once your goal is clear, identify a decision-maker with the power to satisfy your claim. If you’re unable to define one or more of these decision-makers, your claim is too general.

World peace doesn’t happen overnight, but you can move the process forward by suggesting small, tangible steps. Consider everyone who has an influence on the cause (for example, not only business executives have sway but also their employees, clients and partners too). You want all of these people to notice your claim.

  • A supported claim

How to find allies?

Describe the situation in as much detail as possible; give it a face by offering examples of the people affected. Illustrate your claim with strong images and videos that challenge. And above all, insist on the need and importance of your claim. Avoid ideological discourse; a captivating story is often more effective than over explaining.

  • An elaborate action plan

What methods will you use to achieve your goal?

What is the minimum number of people you’d you like to reach with your claim?

What collective actions can influence the decisions of the leaders you’ve identified (petition, boycott, demonstration, letter campaign, etc.)?

Define your target with as much accuracy as possible. Listen for proposals that could bring you new Weroes members. Study similar action plans and identify what made them successful.

Looking for support?

Spread the word. Ask your friends to participate, to propose ideas, to comment and even share your claim on social networks. Don’t forget, if your claim works on Weroes, it’s got what it takes to work elsewhere. Use the MAP AND ACTIVITY CALENDAR tab in the MORE INFORMATION section to organize preparatory meetings for your action plan.


  • An informed decision-maker

Do you have a solid and well-supported action plan?

Speak directly to the decision-maker (by email, phone or in person) and let him or her know of advances you’ve made. Send them your action plan with comments received on social media.


3. What is the best way to take action?


Weroes offers two modes of action,, depending on where you are in your approach.

#1: Create a survey.

 Suggérer une revendication


If your action plan isn’t quite clear yet, suggest a claim. This will allow you to survey users and get a better idea of where you stand.

#2: Activate an action plan directly.

 Activer directement un plan d’action.

If you already know what you want, including the action strategy you want to add to your plan, you can create your action plan without performing a survey.


Note: Different tools will appeal to different people; some members will prefer a petition or a boycott, others will want to demonstrate out in the field. When you implement your action plan, remember that certain claims are more conducive to petitions while others require a demonstration.

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