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Weroes believes that the change we want to see in the world lies in the actions that every citizen can take. We depend on contributions from people like you to provide free tools and support to a global community of citizens who are taking action together to create real change.
Give power to those who have none

Our goal is to provide the world's most powerful platform for social change, along with the tools people from all walks of life need to organise inspiring campaigns, make the world a better place, and change lives. Your contribution will help us improve that platform, build those tools, and continue inviting everyone to use them for free.

Support a global community of Weroes

Every day the Weroes team works hard to assist and encourage our members as they try to bring about positive change in their communities and around the world. Your contribution will allow us to offer more free support -- like campaign advice, media coaching, resources, and workshops -- to even more people.

Help tell the world about what matters most

The world is full of problems -- inequality, climate change, corruption, animal abuse -- but it's also full of dedicated people trying to solve them. Your contribution will raise global awareness by helping us promote and publicise the people-powered movements working to overcome the most pressing challenges of our age.

The promise of Weroes is that through action we can put an end to our collective feeling of failure.

A Profound Sense of being able to change the world.

Founder of Weroes: Alain Migneault