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Dog killers still on the loose!

In 2015, a law was passed in Quebec to ensure the well-being and protection of animals. This legislation defines animals as ‘sentient beings’, enforcing $250 to $250,000 fines for abuse against animals as well as allowing judges to condemn repeat offenders to up to 18 months in jail!

Yet, despite this law, cats, dogs and other animals are repeatedly abused and killed, and stories of gruesome acts against animals are a common thing.

When will we finally recognize that animals have their own rights? It is our collective duty to ensure that people who commit acts of cruelty be condemned and sent to jail! It is time that Quebec and Canada’s authorities take more concrete steps towards the protection of animals.

The existing legislation against animal abuse has to become much harsher, and firm prison sentences have to be carried out automatically. Sign and share this petition! It is time to stand up for all animals!

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Let's mobilize and share this photo widely on social media to find the owner of this dog or its killer! Everyday that passes by with this on the loose is a shame!

If you have any information about the owner of this dog, contact us or contact your local authorities immediately!

If you wish to report a situation of violence or abuse towards an animal contact us immediately by email at! We will put you in touch with Quebec or Canadian animal welfare societies!

DON’T FORGET! IT IS OUR DUTY TO DENOUNCE any act of violence against animals so that offenders are severely punished as soon as possible! If you have any information about this case, DENOUNCE the owner of this dog or its abuser! We have to find out who did this by all means and mostly by sharing the picture and story of this poor dog everywhere on social media!