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The petition

Unnamed horrors!

Children killed, cities trapped, cut off from the world without food, without water! Millions of Syrians displaced within their own countries, in Turkey and in many European countries.

Syrians who lost everything! They are caught between the fires of all the participants in the conflict and notably those of the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad on the one hand and the Islamic State (DAECH) on the other hand!

Syrian children die of hunger, thirst when they don't disappear in the bombardments! Why isn't the UN doing anything? Why aren't we doing anything? Why is no one mobilizing for this when we are able to move crowds for many other demands? This is absurd!

A war of interests! WHO IS REALLY BENEFITING FROM THIS CONFLICT? Why isn't the world doing anything to stop this? What is Syria hiding?

If no one is doing anything in Syria, it is because many have interests there or will later find interests there. International "powers" are against each other. Many factions want their share of the Syrian cake and each country wishes to put its pawns in this vast bloody chessboard! A strategic point in the wars that have pitted Russia against the United States for decades!

On the one hand, you have the Syrian regime supported by Russia against certain independence fighters, the Kurds or others, and on the other hand, you have DAECH, Turkey and their allies. Saudi Arabia does nothing because it has long had views on some Syrian territories! Let us not forget that in addition to being ideally located in this region Syria is also rich in oil and other natural resources. A real quagmire where one is more on a war of interests than a real war!

Are we going to be mere spectators of this conflict for a long time to come, like in a vulgar reality show? Let's end this conflict in Syria immediately! Let Syrian children be real children!

Still 98 participations needed to achieve 100
The letter

For the attention of the United Nations

New York State, 10017, New York, USA,

of its Secretary General, Miroslav Lajcak.

Sir, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, as citizens of the world, we wish to draw your attention to the atrocities perpetrated on Syrian territory. A civil war has ravaged the country for 7 years already, 7 long years that Syrian children are displaced, starved and killed !

For 7 years, half a million dead and several million Syrians displaced throughout the world, torn apart in a conflict they have not chosen! The health situation is getting more and more catastrophic!

We hereby solemnly request the intervention of the United Nations to impose a ceasefire so that the local populations may have some rest.

With your status as guardian of international peace and security, we also ask you to take sanctions against the Syrian regime and all nations that continue to fan the flames in Syria?

The civil war has lasted too long! Crimes against humanity have been committed in Syria for 7 years, without any intervention on your part, from the UN! Will you continue to watch the children die in atrocious suffering and let the country get bogged down in civil war?

The whole world must take responsibility for this dramatic situation! Let us give justice and dignity to the Syrian people! Let's put an end to the massacres and horrors they've suffered for seven years!

We are citizens of the world, the United Nations must protect us! You must act as soon as possible!