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The petition

100% legal child trafficking in the United States!

STOP to reselling children online in the United States! Every year in the United States, adopted children whose foster families no longer want for X or Y reasons are sold on the Internet, at "fairs" where they have to parade in front of future "owners" or "sell themselves" in TV programs with a large audience as in a home shopping show for housewives over 50 !

You get moved for a malnourished stray dog, you mobilize to fight against the oppression of developing countries then why don't you take into consideration the feelings, the well-being of YOUR own children? What are the associations doing to protect these children from this torment, from this 100% legal trafficking in the United States? It is time to put an end to this inhuman practice of another time! Imagine the horror these poor children are going through. Some unlucky of them must experience this horror several times in just a few years...

One of these children could be yours, the one you had in social services because you didn't have enough money to support him, thinking he would have a better life! What would you think if you had to see your child resold online for a few hundred dollars?

Let's commit to ending these Internet sales of poor children! A child is not a disposable tissue! He's a human being, he has the right to be protected by law, by society! STOP to rehoming, to child trafficking adopted in the United States!

We demand that the United Nations and UNICEF take their responsibilities and put an immediate end to this child trafficking, this online resale of children in the United States.

Let's mobilize to forbid rehoming in the United States and its child resale companies to make a profit on the backs of these poor children rejected by despicable adoptive parents!

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The letter

To the attention of Mr Tore Hattrem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UNICEF.

We want to express our indignation and deep disgust at the situation of children reintroduced to the adoption market in the United States, children resold online or at inhumane parades. This horrible is called "rehoming" as with pet adoption but these children are human beings and have the right to be treated with dignity.

We don't know if you and all the members of the UNICEF Board of Directors, all the United Nations representatives are aware of it, but every year more than 20,000 children already adopted find themselves again to adopt!

These children can't enjoy their lives as children! They cannot fully live their childhood in pleasant conditions because these children are always in fear of being put back on the adoption market, sold online or at large fairs where they have to parade in front of future "parents" who select them like cattle.

The United States is one of the signatory states of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and must respect all the articles of the Convention, without exception, and take care of all children who are under the care of the authorities for placement or adoption. We ask you to take prompt action to enforce compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child under Article 20-1 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted on 20 November 1989 and applicable worldwide since 2 September 1990.

And you, how would you feel if you had offered a child for adoption for economic reasons, so that he could have a better future in another family and you would find him posted on the Internet with a sale price?

After so many years of neglect, we ask you to give back the dignity they deserve to all those children who have been neglected by the American authorities. They have the right to live a pleasant childhood, in a loving home and have concerns of their age like all other little Americans.

We kindly ask you to take our request with great consideration and we send you our sincerest greetings.