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Why a boycott?

Let us commit ourselves to stopping the connivance that exists between the French government and Monsanto. We must demand that the Minister of Ecology keep his commitments and stop backing down against the herbicide giant, Monsanto! Our country must not be controlled by multinationals! We elected a government to defend our rights, not to make deals with big corporations that endanger our health, our rights, our democracy!

If the ban is not taken, let's boycott RoundUp and stop Monsanto in his quest for profit, a quest without any consideration for our health!

What is RoundUp?

RoundUp is a powerful weed killer known for its somewhat barbaric compound "glyphosate". Glyphosate is a powerful non-selective herbicide. In short, it not only destroys weeds, it destroys everything in its path. If you put some in your garden, it will destroy everything around plants and micro-organisms and you could even find some on your plate later because of its volatility.

What are the health consequences?

Since 2015, the WHO has been sounding the alarm about the dangerousness of glyphosate use. She even classified it as highly carcinogenic.

According to experts, even small amounts of glyphosate have a dramatic impact on our health and that of our children. Risks associated with glyphosate exposure include congenital malformations, lymphoma, infertility, miscarriage, kidney cancer, thyroid cancer and others.

All these health consequences have already been demonstrated by scientists, by extensive laboratory tests. It is important to take drastic measures and ban RoundUp in the same way as banning GMO crops.

Why should it be banned?

We must ban it because it is dangerous for our health and the environment but especially because the French government had promised it! Today, he is reneging on his promises without anyone understanding why! Let's stop giving the benefit of the doubt to dangerous products or getting paid by multinationals to keep quiet!

Let’s boycott RoundUp by Monsanto! Let our minister keep his promises and face it with us! Let's leave the weeds alone instead of enriching Monsanto by endangering our health!

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The petition

STOP to the connivance between the French government and Monsanto! But where is the freedom of France, of the French? Why do our politicians bow to such multinationals? Who benefits from this connivance and this mix of genders? Not to us anyway!

The government has just questioned the prohibition of RoundUp and Monsanto's highly toxic products on the pretext that "there is not enough proof", that it is necessary "to give ourselves time to take such measures" !

What time is he talking about? Should our children be completely poisoned? That all ecosystems be polluted, that all animals die so that the Minister of Ecology becomes aware of the dangerousness of glyphosate and all products "Made by Monsanto"? It is incomprehensible. It is time to demand explanations and to stop being manipulated by this giant that sows death everywhere in the world with its chemical products.

The French government must stop taking us for idiots, putting our health in danger and letting Monsanto manipulate them. France is not his playground! It's unacceptable to be cheated like this!