Still 98 participations needed to achieve 100
The petition

Petition to the Régie de l'Énergie

Boycott Canada's Soaring Gas Prices!

We demand an immediate decrease in the price of gasoline at the pump!

We want gas prices to decrease because we are tired of being cash cows! We can't take it anymore! In this case of soaring gas prices, there is not just one guilty party but several who are taking advantage of us, the consumers, to fill their pockets. The guilty parties are: the Canadian government, oil groups, but also gas stations, some of which charge much higher rates than others!

Canada is an oil producer, we sell our oil to other countries where it is sold even cheaper than at home! Why are we paying so much for a litre of gas? It is taxed at nearly 45% in Montreal and includes no less than 5 taxes. 5 TAXES for a single liter of gasoline! Don't you find that shameful? Don't you think that's outrageous for the people?

We ask you, the Régie de l'Énergie, to demand that the Canadian government lower the price of gasoline by first reducing the tax burden it imposes on it.

What are the advantages that you will be able to draw from it?

As the Régie de l'Énergie, you will give the impression to all Canadians that your work is being done properly and impartially (which has not really been the case for some time between the Hydro-Québec overpayment scandal and this soaring gas prices per litre)! You win our sympathy and that of all Canadian consumers and you will finally have the honour of doing the job you are paid for!

You do not realize that the way you manage fluctuating gas prices does not leave citizens indifferent. If we do not have an answer on the beginning of an exchange, we seriously consider exposing the responsibilities of your mandate as well as your usefulness. While waiting for a positive answer following the reception of our petition, we are confident that we could discuss and make the population understand more: on which basis you control the price of the energies that we consume. Be advised that our movement (all Weroes) who have endorsed this petition intend to continue this demand until victory is achieved.

Take your role seriously at last! The soaring gas prices cannot continue like this. Many citizens can no longer afford to fill up their cars! This is a scandal! They need their car not to have fun but to go to their jobs and support themselves and their families, otherwise they will lose it and find themselves unemployed! Act now before the country sinks like others!

Thank you for taking the time to receive and read our petition. We're waiting for an answer from you! All citizens are eagerly awaiting it!


Bass Esterban

Still 98 participations needed to achieve 100
Why a boycott?

Consumers, let's ACT NOW while there is still time!

It is time for us to make our voices heard and boycott the major oil groups, starting with SHELL. They think we're cash cows!!!

It is time to make our voices heard and especially to strike hard in SHELL profits, which dared to raise the price of gasoline at the pump to $1.61! OUTRAGE !!!!

Gas Tax Reduction

Let's demand that the government immediately lower taxes on the litre of gasoline in order to lower prices at the pump! One litre of gasoline is taxed at nearly 45% in Montreal and other cities!

According to tankers, the increase in provincial taxes is the main cause of the increase in the price per litre at the pump ! It is therefore essential to demand a reduction in these taxes if we want the price to fall.

Canada is an oil producer so why are we paying so many taxes per litre? This is outrageous! The price of taxes per litre of gasoline is close to 45 cents in Montreal, one of the most taxed in Quebec, Vancouver (the city is not far behind) and Canada!

If the price of a barrel of oil is low since few months, taxes should also decrease or at least the price should not increase as it continues to do since several months !

In Quebec, a litre of gasoline includes no less than 5 taxes, including :

  • Federal excise tax,

  • Provincial fuel tax,

  • Gas tax,

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST),

  • Quebec Sales Tax (QST).

It's 45% of the price of a liter of gasoline! That's disgusting! In the end, it is not the tankers that are the biggest winners in this case but the state itself. Let us demand an immediate reduction in those taxes! But where does all this money go, all these taxes we pay? It's time for the government to be accountable to us!

Let's mobilize to demand a gas tax cut!