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DescriptionQuick take action - if bees disappear, humanity is in danger!

"If the bee disappears, humanity has 4 years," Albert Einstein.
It's simple; bees’ extinction equals no more food crops, equals human extinction! It is a truly global disaster, here are the numbers to support this:
- 15% of wild bee species threatened with extinction in Europe
- Between 60 and 90% of bees have vanished in the US
- In Quebec, 40% of hives are reported missing
- In Germany, a quarter of colonies has been decimated with losses up to 80% in some farms

- 80% of plant species need bees to be fertilized
- The ¾ of the crops that feed humanity depend on them
Are we responsible? It is no longer in doubt. We have to take the situation in hand! It is time to massively stop this massacre by a general boycott of products containing pesticides and by raising awareness of good practice for the survival of bees.
Goal of the claim (Change)
We want to raise awareness and reduce the purchase of products containing pesticides. By petition, we want to reduce the use and manufacture of pesticides that kill bees. By boycott, we want to put pressure on the vendors of these products.