Action plan strategy QUICK TAKE ACTION - If bees disappear, humanity is in danger!

Sign the petition and transmit to the largest pesticide manufacturer by country and farmers’ associations - STOP buying products that will be listed on this boycott. A third action, proposed by citizens is coming.

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Boycott list

Product : Muesli
Product : Danone
Product : Nestle

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The petition

Billions of bees are dying in general indifference, endangering the survival of all mankind. A global scientific analysis showed that the most toxic pesticides directly attack the nervous system of bees, which creates a mass slaughter. These pesticides also have unprecedented health impacts on a large number of animal species and mankind. By signing this petition, we ask URGENTLY to control the use of these products to achieve sustainable change, essential measure for the survival of bees and to say NO to their programmed disappearance. The Weroes.

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Create together a list of instances to whom we have to deliver the petition, identify the product manufacturers and notify them of the boycott and identify products.