Action plan strategy Ban products tested on animals!

The strategy of my action plan is simple, first I will make sure to pick up the most possible signature via social media and publicize the cause this way.
Second, I am going to get in touch with a man for whom I have a great deal of respect and who has more power than me to bring this case to the forefront, meaning Pierre Paradis, who, thanks to him, bill 54 has been official since December 4, 2015.

Still 345 participations needed to achieve 1250
The objective of our action


Why a petition ?

Simply because I need the support of everyone who will see and read this article so that the animals are no longer laboratory experiments.

Against who/what is this petition aim at.

Against products tested on animals!

Required action

Stop using products that are tested on animals!

The petition

Mr. President of Procter & Gamble and Associates: I, Daphnée Lanctôt, presents a petition related to the way you experiment with all your products. I must present to you some reasons that led me to write this petition, firstly the abuse of animals, secondly the non-respect of living beings, thirdly the suffering inflicted on beasts both physically and psychologically and finally torture and sequestration of animals. I ask the president of the company and his associates to please ensure that the complete cessation of animal experiments be in force, that some scientific progress is made (stem cells for example), that the display of the ''Cruelty Free'' logo be indicated on all P&G products, that appropriate veterinary care be provided for each case and thereafter release of the animals of your laboratories. You are the most popular brand in Quebec, I find it unfortunate that your products are tested on poor innocent animals, while you can use your scientific knowledge to do otherwise. There are alternatives for every problem, I'm sure you'll find one. Animals do not have to suffer this torture for mankind. By this petition, I demand the abolition of animal experiments in your laboratories for all the reasons mentioned above. Daphnée Lanctôt