DescriptionBan products tested on animals!

Too many products are still being tested on animals in laboratories. With science and today's technology, we can carry out the experiments without having to test on them! The use of stem cells to recreate human skin is frequently used as an alternative by British researchers for different experiments on the epidermis, so why not use them for all products? Animals deserve better!
Objectifs de la revendication (Improve)
Quebec has formalized Bill 54 on December 4, 2015, an article aimed at improving legal conditions for domestic and farm animals. So, these animals are no longer considered objects but sentient beings that can have feelings and feel joy, sadness, empathy, pain as a human being.

That being said, why is there no law prohibiting animal testing? These are abused and suffer abundantly in laboratories. Rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, mice, rats, etc. All are domestic animals! For years, we have been ignoring the messages we see everywhere on the internet about tortured animals in the laboratory and no change has really been made!

Despite our great intelligence and technology, we are unable to completely abolish animal testing! So my objective here is to make sure that a law is created to completely ban experiments of products on animals and to use other alternatives! Several companies have made scientific progress to create safe products for humans without testing them on animals.

You see? It's possible!! Abolish products that do not have the ''cruelty free'' official logo, abolish those brands that torture animals! Do we really want to keep on paying and let them continue to suffer?! No!