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DescriptionLet’s stop the slaughter of crocodiles for their skin! boycott the brands!

4 crocodiles = 1 Hermes bag. Let’s stop this cruelty! It’s vile and senseless! In Australia and Vietnam, thousands of crocodiles are raised and killed every year just for their skin. Elsewhere, like in Africa, others are killed in the wild despite the laws prohibiting it. All this just to satisfy materialistic desires. Let’s put an end to this brutality! This horrible massacre exists only because we buy the products made with this skin. Do you know that the skin of three to four crocodiles are needed to make a single handbag? Three crocodiles must die so that one person can have the trivial pleasure of owning a luxury handbag.
Do we really need clothes, handbags and other accessories made of crocodile leather? Luxury brands such as Hermes, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and many others regularly use this skin for their products. We can end the torture by signing a petition to pressure and boycott these fashion designers. We can raise our voice, show our concern and help put an end to this practice.
What kind of world do we want to live in? What kind of world do we want to leave future generations? The fate of crocodiles is a direct result of the consequences of our lifestyle. Let’s open our eyes to the world around us and take action today!
Goal of the claim (Improve)
- To prohibit the sale of all products and goods made of crocodile skin.

- To initiate a systematic and generalized boycott of brands that use crocodile skin, using a list of names that will be updated regularly.

- To have a petition signed by the largest number of people to put pressure on brands, governments and international institutions to banish this barbaric trade.