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DescriptionPizza the polar bear needs a new home

We must act now to give Pizza, the world’s saddest polar bear, a permanent new home before it’s too late!

Pizza is a 3-year-old polar bear who spent months living in horrific conditions in a Chinese mall, trapped in a tiny enclosure with barely any room to move around, no natural light, and nowhere to hide from thousands of selfie-takers.

Pizza immediately began showing signs of distress and was dubbed “the world’s saddest polar bear” when images went viral in the summer 2016. (Please see the Photo Album under ‘More Information” tab)

In September a British wildlife park known for rehabilitating polar bears even offered Pizza a wonderful new home, but the Grandview Mall said no! In October, Humane Society International released a video showing “evidence of frustration and mental decline."

In November Pizza was moved back to a marine park where she was born while the Grandview Aquarium undergoes renovations. But they insist the move is only temporary and Pizza could be sent back to appalling conditions at any moment!

It’s more important than ever raise our voices for Pizza: he must not be sent back to the Grandview mall. He needs fresh air and room to walk, swim and play.

Dr. Peter Li of Humane Society International: “We implore the mall to make this a permanent move for Pizza and to not condemn him to return. No amount of renovation could ever make a shopping mall a suitable place for this animal, and to send him back now would be cruel and heartless"
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Pizza, the world’s saddest polar bear, needs a permanent new home before it’s too late! We must gather support and convince authorities in China to intervene and let Pizza move to the wildlife park in England that offered to take him, and not back to horrific conditions in a Chinese mall.