Action plan strategy Pizza the Polar Bear Needs a New Home

1. A petition to gather as much public support as possible for Pizza, the world's saddest polar bear, get the attention of the public and the media, and make sure Pizza is not sent back to live in a mall.

2. Ask everyone write to the Chinese Ambassador in their country to try and persuade the to use their influence to help Pizza and move hi to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park that offered to give him a good permanent home.

Still 279 participations needed to achieve 100000
Against who/what is this petition aim at.

Grandview Mall

Required action

Set Pizza free and send him to live in a wildlife park

The petition

Pizza is a 3-year-old polar bear who spent months living in horrific conditions in a Chinese mall. He was trapped in a tiny enclosure with barely any room to move around, no natural light, barely a hint of her natural habitat, and nowhere to hide from thousands of selfie-takers. Pizza immediately began showing signs of distress. In September a British wildlife park known for rehabilitating polar bears even offered Pizza a wonderful new home, but the Grandview Mall said no! In November, Pizza was moved back to a marine park where she was born while the Grandview Aquarium undergoes renovations. However, they insist the move is only temporary and Pizza could be sent back to appalling conditions at any moment. Pizza he must not be sent back to the Grandview mall. He needs room to walk, swim and play, and fresh air. Ideally he should be sent to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in England that offered to take him.

Still 902 participations needed to achieve 15000
Why a letter campaign?

Convince the Chinese ambassadors in every country to help Pizza.

The letter
Find the Chinese Ambassador in your country here: