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DescriptionDogs are not food! let's end the yulin festival

June 21, 2017: today is a very sad day as it marks the beginning of a horrific annual event known as the Yulin dog meat festival.

Every year, 10,000 dogs are beaten, tortured, and even boiled alive before being served as food. Brought from all over China in cramped conditions, reports from the ground reveal many are stolen pets or guard dogs unsuspectingly being sent to a horrific death.

Rumors earlier this year that a ban on serving dog meat would be enforced have sadly turned out to be false. This gruesome “festival” is going on now as it has for nearly a decade.

This has to change -- and we all need to act.

Eating dog meat in China is not illegal, but attitudes towards it are rapidly changing among the growing middle class in China, where there are now 62 million registered pets. As reported in the Shanghaiist, a recent survey shows a strong majority (64%) of Chinese citizens want to see the festival shut down. Even a majority of people in Yulin are opposed.

We must raise our collective voice show solidarity with those in China trying to influence their government to end this brutal practice, and support the amazing work of local organisations such as the Duo Duo Project.

It’s also important to keep international pressure on -- the Chinese government is well aware of the terrible harm to its reputation caused by the Yulin festival, as opposition grows every year.

It’s time to put an end to this once and for all!
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It’s time to put an end to the Yulin dog meat festival once and for all !

Let’s all sign the petition to show massive opposition, but also consider writing a letter to the Chinese ambassador in your country, and boycotting Chinese goods and tourism until Chinese authorities decide they’d be better off shutting down the barbaric Yulin event forever.