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DescriptionLet's save ruperta the starving elephant

Together we can try to help save Ruperta the elephant! For 46 years Ruperta the elephant has been locked up in the Caricuao zoo in Caracas, Venezuela. The state of Ruperta the elephant’s health is becoming more and more concerning, as photos published on social media show her suffering from malnutrition, causing her to fall repeatedly the rocks, as well as from extreme solitude.

Indeed, Ruperta is fed only auyamas, a variety of pumpkin that does not give her the nutrients she needs to stay healthy. Ruperta weighs about half as much as her normal weight, 4 tons instead of the recommended 6 to 7.

These are unacceptable conditions for an elephant like Ruperta, who should be in her natural environment where she could feed herself at will. Many people have rallied to the cause, but officials at the Caricuao zoo refuse to hear calls to save Ruperta.

Zoo managers even refused food donations to put the Ruperta back on its feet. They justified this by saying Ruperta the elephant was not under-nourished, but suffers instead from stomach disease, which was quickly challenged by local ecologists who were able to demonstrate that she doesn’t consume enough variety of food, which deteriorates her health from day to day.

It’s time to do everything we can and unite our voices so that Ruperta can finally regain decent living conditions. Together, we can make a difference and help improve living conditions for Ruperta the elephant and animals everywhere!
Goal of the claim (Improve)
The more time passes, the more Ruperta the elephant is in danger. Since the Caricuao Zoo has refused food donations, it will take even more of us to put pressure on zoo operators.

It's imperative that zoo officials accept food donations, or else the Venezuelan government must allow Ruperta to be transferred to a zoo where she can have decent living conditions.

Ruperta the elephant's story must be shared so that the whole world can hear what’s happening, and that every person who has been touched by this story can rally to her cause.