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DescriptionLet's protect montreal's calèche horses

How many more Montreal carriage horses lying on the ground, exhausted by their work, will it take before we act? A few weeks ago, yet another horse collapsed in Old Montreal. Exhaustion, mistreatment and starvation: this is the reality of the carriage horses at which we marvel in Montreal streets.

At this rate, the horses’ life expectancy diminishes every day. The polluted air of the city affects their lungs and collisions between carriage horses and cars occur often. Calèche drivers seem insensitive to the well being of their horses, as even old and weak ones are forced to work long and toilsome hours.

If we do not put an end to this slavery, we are collectively responsible for the suffering of these horses, some of which are too exhausted to pull even the lightest carriage.

Projet Montréal and the Montreal SPCA have repeatedly called for a ban the use of horse-drawn carriages as a touristic attraction. However, actions have yet to be taken and it is important that we collectively denounce this barbarity in order to accelerate things.

Sign this petition as a sign of your support for the abolishment of this antiquated practice. The more we are, the more chances we have to be heard. Let us unite against the slavery of carriage horses in Montreal and end it as soon as possible!
Goal of the claim (Improve)
It is necessary for the well being of the animals that we ban horse-drawn carriages as soon as possible. The prohibition will apply to everyone without a single exception for so-called ‘professionals.’

Should no ban decision be taken, we firmly demand a strict and regular monitoring of the health of Montreal’s carriage horses to be carried out by a specialized agency.

Sanctions will be immediately taken against drivers that mistreat their horses, including the withdrawal of their license and the placement of the horse in a safe environment.

By acting fast, we could guarantee the well being of those suffering animals and even save their lives, as they need our help to defend themselves and to be freed from slavery!