Action plan strategy Ocean Pollution is Killing Marine Life! Sign the Petition!

A petition to be signed by everyone who would like a swift and concrete change.

An ecological engagement and a change in our lifestyles that will discourage unnecessary purchases of plastic materials, promote garbage sorting and raising awareness around us regarding the threat that ocean pollution is posing to our planet.


Still 98 participations needed to achieve 750
Against who/what is this petition aim at.

Congress and world governments

Required action

The adoption of laws prohibiting the use of plastic; Monitoring the use of plastic waste and the production of annual reports; Innovating solutions to cleanse our ocean from waste generated by humans.

The petition

As you may already know, marine pollution is increasing every day and we are entering a critical phase for our planet. Many of us around the world are asking for our leaders to gather and to make the fight against ocean pollution a priority.

New laws have to be adopted as soon as possible to ban the use of plastic bags in America and around the world.

The use of biodegradable plastics, recycling, and waste sorting must become the norms. It is the only way to prevent our oceans from becoming a gigantic trash bin. We demand that the use of plastic material be monitored following these new laws, which would then lead to the publication of a yearly report, so that the population can be kept informed of the progress made.

Finally, we are asking that our leaders and governments invest in innovating projects that would enable the purification of our oceans and thus reduce the effects of pollution on marine life and prevent the death of thousands of animals.

We want to see things change!