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DescriptionCruelty and danger: against the fiesta tolosa!

It has recently been announced that the Fiesta Tolosa will be held between July 6th and 8th 2018. Despite their opposition, residents of Troènes Street and the neighbourhood of Sept-Derniers will witness this barbarity! We have to oppose this cruel event and fight to prevent it from happening.

The program of Fiesta Tolosa is deceiving at first glance, as it mentions  concerts, pubs, and dancing. However, it also includes bull running twice per day! The residents of the neighbourhood did not even receive notification of the event and have not been consulted before the final decision was taken.


It is unacceptable that residents were not consulted on the matter, especially given the barbaric aspect of what will happen on their doorsteps. Moreover, the Toulouse Townhall had also not been notified of the public aspect of the event since the organizers had filled no official request. This is yet another indication that this event must be stopped.


Not only is it dangerous for public safety, but it is also a cruel and barbaric practice from a past age! Bulls are innocent animals and it is our duty to protect any living creatures and to prevent their use for our sole entertainment. 


Moreover, bulls are wild creatures of an unpredictable nature: each year, numerous injuries and deaths are linked to bull running. The residents of Troènes street will find themselves in the middle of this event against their own will and will have to face numerous nuisances such as noise and having a difficult time reaching their property.


We cannot let this dangerous event take place! Let’s unite and sign this petition against Fiesta Tolosa!

Goal of the claim (Improve)
We demand the cancellation of the Fiesta Tolosa. Residents should have been consulted on the matter since it will be taking place right in front of their houses. 

Moreover, it is unacceptable that we allow the mistreatment of bulls for the sole purpose of entertainment. Other types of performances that do not involve living creatures can be provided.

It is crucial that we share this information and explain the problems this event will create in order to prevent it from happening. 

Sign this petition and say NO to the Fiesta Tolosa.