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DescriptionPetition : severe penalties for pet abandonment

Every year, a staggering 60,000 domestic cats and dogs are abandoned in France alone, usually before their owners’ vacation. Everyone has the power to fight against pet abandonment, even on a small scale.

We are soliciting the help of people around the world to raise awareness on this issue and to spread the word concerning the cruel treatment of our loyal companions!

Once abandoned, pets are confronted by a number of threats, such as being taken to a pound where they face euthanasia if no one reclaims them. Pet abandonment is a criminal act in France punishable with 2 years of imprisonment and a 30,000 euros fine. However, such penalties are rarely applied and the culprits almost never punished.

It is often very hard for pounds and shelters to trace the owners and some people do not refrain from committing barbarous acts in order to avoid punishment. Dogs and cats have been found with an ear missing, thus preventing tracing through their ear tag or microchip.

Shelters and rescue organizations often do not have enough resources to help all abandoned pets, especially in the summer when the abandonment rates increase drastically. 

Severe penalties have to be applied and it is our government’s responsibility to find solutions to make sure that the guilty owners are found and can face justice.

These pets, who have known nothing other than their home and family, suddenly find themselves in the wild and are exposed to a number of threats because of the lack of judgment and irresponsibility of some owners.

Please sign this petition so that the laws may be strictly enforced and that pet abandonment may no longer be common.
Goal of the claim (Improve)
As a society, it is our collective duty to raise awareness regarding the cruelty of pet abandonment and of its dire consequences for our animals.

We are calling upon national governments everywhere to adopt and strictly apply legislation to find and punish owners of abandoned pets.

Collectively, we can fight against pet abandonment and help the thousands of innocent animals that suffer from this irresponsible practice!

Sign this petition to help the cause and share it to raise awareness!