Action plan strategy Petition : Severe Penalties for Pet Abandonment

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- Donate to shelters and rescue organizations and use their services to adopt pets.

- A letter addressed to the government demanding the strict enforcement of the laws on pet abandonment.

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National governments

Required action

Adoption and enforcement of laws on pet abandonment

The petition

Each year a staggering number of pets are abandoned by their owners. Some are left on the side of a road, while others are attached to trees in the woods. We cannot remain silent when faced with the increasing number of abandoned pets.

Those irresponsible owners who abandon their pets, sometimes while also atrociously mutilating them to prevent being caught, have to be apprehended and prosecuted.

In order to do so, it is not only crucial that your government enforces with great severity the existing laws, but also that you implement a new set of regulations to help retrace the owners of abandoned pets.

Furthermore, ad campaigns must be broadcast both on our screens and on the streets in order to raise collective awareness.

Animals are innocent beings with their own feelings and it is incredibly irresponsible and cruel to leave them on the streets simply so that owners might enjoy their vacation. With the law firmly and severely enforced, the abandonment rate will ultimately diminish from year to year.