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DescriptionSign the petition to ban cockfighting everywhere

Cockfighting is a practice that dates back to antiquity. However, this obsolete custom can still be found in France today and other countries around the world. This barbaric practice has to be prohibited and punished! Join our cause and sign this petition for a complete ban on cockfighting. 

Cockfights are part of a set of traditional practices. However, it is intolerable that in our modern society animal suffering may be seen as a source of entertainment. 

France is amongst the last countries to still authorize this barbaric, cruel and primitive practice! Gamecocks are groomed from birth for combat: they are kept in tight spaces to foster aggressiveness, while their combs and spurs are cut off and replaced by sharp blades to mutilate their opponents as much as possible.

Cockfights are then held in a “gallodrome”: a circular space in which the two animals fight violently for a few minutes, boosted by the cries of the public.

It is not difficult to imagine the injuries that the blades inflict on the cocks, literally disembowelling them.

The “winner” is usually gravely injured, while the loser is cooked and eaten on the spot. How can such a barbaric practice still exist and go unpunished?

The French Penal Code indeed authorizes cockfights in certain regions of the country. Elsewhere  cockfights are punishable by fines or even jail time, but it remains unacceptable that some places can still hold them in complete legality.

Legislation should be enforced severely and we should not only prohibit cockfights across the world, but also implement a set of strict regulations to prevent illegal fights.

Cockfights should not take place in France or anywhere else anymore! Sign this petition for a full ban on cockfighting.




Goal of the claim (Improve)
The law should no longer be lenient. It is intolerable that, to this day, animals are subjected to atrocities under the pretext of tradition or entertainment.

We demand a complete interdiction of cockfights around the world, the immediate closure of all gallodromes, and that the law on illegal cockfights may be enforced to apprehend and punish the participants.

It is our duty to protect innocent animals and to raise awareness concerning this atrocious practice.