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- Sign the petition for a full ban on cockfighting.

- Write to your government if you live in a country that still allows cockfighting.

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Governments of countries where cockfighting remains legal

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Full ban on cockfighting

The petition

It is unacceptable that cockfighting is still allowed in certain regions and countries around the world.

As a society, we cannot let these outdated and barbaric traditions endure. The cocks are caged, mutilated, and equipped with sharp blades to kill opposing cocks that will then be consumed. It is not human to remain impassive when faced with such savagery!

Moreover, clandestine cockfights are still common in other places and are not punished as strictly as they should be. This is why we ask that you enact laws that would prohibit this practice everywhere in France and around the world, and ensure that offenders are severely punished.

Organizers and spectators should be prosecuted and the law should be strictly enforced. More means should be allotted to hunt down clandestine fights that are unfortunately well known in the cities where they take place.

Many of us no longer want such atrocities to be tolerated on French territory or anywhere else and we ask you to take our voices into account!