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DescriptionPetition to help alba, the world’s only albino orangutan

Alba, an albino orangutan rescued in Borneo, Indonesia, needs your help! Together, we can help create a special reserve adapted to her special needs. 

Indeed, Alba is the only known albino orangutan in the world. In April 2017, this female albino orangutan was found in terrible health condition in a village of Borneo, Indonesia.

BOS, the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, rescued Alba from a cage where she had been kept captive for several months. The animal was suffering from a parasitic infection and was severely underweight.

Her days were endangered but the constant care of veterinarians helped to put her back on her feet. However, Alba still needs special treatments and cannot be safely returned to the wild. She suffers from several health problems related to her albinism, such as poor eyesight and hearing but is also at risk of developing skin cancer.

BOS explained that, due to her condition, Alba cannot be safely returned to the wild and thus needs a special reserve in a forest environment. The foundation aims at buying a parcel of land in the forest to build this reserve especially adapted for Alba, the albino orangutan.

Unfortunately, this project is costly and no less than 80,000$ are needed in order to help Alba.

Everyone is encouraged to donate to the cause and to share this petition to help build a shelter for Alba as soon as possible!

If you are also sensitive to the cause of animal welfare, share the story of Alba! This albino orangutan needs everyone’s help to survive!



Goal of the claim (Improve)

By signing and sharing this petition, you will help to increase the amount of donation that will help build a safe haven for Alba, the albino orangutan. Even the smallest contribution matters to improve her living conditions and allow her to lead a peaceful life in a safe environment.

All are encouraged to sign and share this petition to create a reserve for Alba, the world’s only albino orangutan, which will also be addressed to the Indonesian government. Moreover, we encourage everyone to share Alba’s story and to donate to the cause if possible.