DescriptionPetition to stop lion hunting!

We have to say no to the recreational massacre of lions on our planet! In the course of the last 40 years, 90% of the wild lion population disappeared due to barbaric human practices.

Despite those alarming numbers, the leaders of the countries concerned by the slaughter of lions are still not taking steps towards the protection of this species. It is our duty to speak up and defend these innocent animals!

Lions, emblems of strength and courage, have always been a treasure of African countries. However, this icon of the African savannah may soon find itself on the list of endangered species. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has already placed African lions on its red list of Threatened Species. Indeed, 12 countries on the continent have seen their lion population completely disappear.

Despite the many attempts to raise the alarm by associations and ecologist groups alike, no concrete actions have been taken and trophy hunters are still slaughtering lions with total impunity. Even the natural habitat of lions is destroyed, endangering them even more and exposing them to deadly threats.

Tourists from all over the world spend fortunes for a ‘chance’ to hunt the king of the savannah. The practice is popular in a plethora of African countries, such as Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The latter is assuredly the most ruthless in its legislation, as captive-bred lion hunting is completely legal in the country. Instances of canned hunting are even known to occur. In these, tourists will pay up to 31,000$ to shoot the animals trapped in a cage, with no chances of escaping.

These practices have devastating consequences for the species. The death of an adult lion can lead to the passing of over 20 cubs: a tragic and unavoidable domino effect. It is time to stop this barbarism, as time is running out for the lions!

How can governments allow the massacre of innocent lions with impunity? This savagery has to be condemned and severe laws have to be adopted to ensure that hunters and the countries that condone trophy hunting are severely punished. Let’s unite and do everything in our power to ban lion hunting!
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Everyone committed to the animal cause should be made aware of the situation. Together, we can put an end to the slaughter of lions in Africa. The species is in danger and time is running out. This horrific practice must be banned urgently!

The governments of the countries concerned by this tourism must react readily, particularly in South Africa, where it is legal to operate centers dedicated to lion hunting. Lion hunters and governments tolerating this practice must be condemned and severe legislation must be put in place.

We must say no to the slaughter of lions, trophy hunting, as well as to the destruction of the savannah.