Action plan strategy Petition to stop lion hunting!

Sign and share the petition, stop lion hunting. Together, we can sensitize the general public and help put an end to the slaughter of lions!

We will also address a letter to the president of the African Union.

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Against who/what is this petition aim at.

Mr. Alpha Condé, President of the African Union.

Required action

The implementation of a legislation protecting lions in African countries and the application of official sanctions against both hunters and countries that still tolerate trophy hunting.

The petition

Mr. Alpha Condé, President of the African Union,

As you are certainly aware, the fauna of the African savannah is under a perilous threat. Indeed, due to barbaric human practices, the lion population in Africa has decreased by 90% over the last 40 years. This situation is the result of some countries, such as Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe or South Africa, condoning trophy hunting practices on their territory.

The entire species is now endangered and it is of paramount importance that new legislation be passed in order to protect lions. We also ask that sanctions be taken against the hunters and the countries that still allow this barbaric practice.

We are confident that your status as President of the African Union allows you to implement measures that will have a real impact on this matter and hope that you will act readily.

We sincerely thank you for the attention that you will give our request.