Action plan strategy Towards a positive Zamfara

We want to start by reaching to the grassroot and kids in schools to help fashion their mindset to positive thinking

Still 91 participations needed to achieve 100
Why a petition ?

To make them reason

Against who/what is this petition aim at.

for Government in order to make policies pro people

Required action

stop Illegal minning, allocate more funds to education

The petition

We want to urge the Zamfara State Government to liaise with the federal Government to halt the illegal linking going on in parts of Zamfara and to address the issue of lead poisoning and other environmental hazards and also to allocate funds to education and SDGS. Also we want to urge all Zamfara state indigines that its time to come and give your own to the place you call home and help inspire and raise awareness to other less informed people in Zamfara

Still 97 participations needed to achieve 100
The objective of our action


Pourquoi une Manifestation?

To move from the habit of talking in social media and those that need our help are not even able to access these social media in order to know we care

Still 98 participations needed to achieve 100


Pourquoi faire cette action?

It's necerssary