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DescriptionBoycott united airlines until they change their booking policies

United Airlines just showed how poorly it can treat passengers. Because of overbooking, they required passengers to leave a flight from Chicago to Louisville with compensation. One passenger who was randomly selected refused to leave the flight and was thrown out and dragged on the floor.

Not only is United Airlines responsible for the practice of overbooking, but their reaction to the whole situation is simply shameful and intolerable.

Practices need to change, overbooking is a useless practice. Passengers should be treated with respect and should not have to fear for their safety when dealing with staff and security. We demand that United Airlines show true commitment to change in their practices.
Goal of the claim (Change)
We demand that:
> United Airlines changes and demonstrates its commitment to change
> United Airlines formally and publically apologizes to the customers targeted and duly compensate them according to the damages the event has caused.

Until such demands are met, we will:
> Boycott United Airlines
> Call them out on t.heir inaction
> Support actions done to demand changes and apologies from United Airlines