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Description#boycottsearscanada - no severances, no sales

Imagine finding out your employer is in such financial trouble that not only are you getting laid off, but the severance you were counting on to make ends meet is gone. Yet the people who created the mess you’re in get to keep their jobs, along with millions of dollars in “retention” bonuses!

That’s what Sears Canada is doing to the 2900 people they just fired -- some of whom have spent decades working faithfully for the company. They’re also trying to stop paying into their employees’ pension fund. But worst of all, at the same time they’re giving $9.2 million in retention bonuses to “key staff,” otherwise known as upper management.

This is an absolute travesty of justice. We must all stand up for our fellow Canadians who’ve had their livelihood taken away by the broken promises of the employer they trusted. We must boycott Sears Canada.

If enough of us raise our voices and close or wallets to Sears, we can send a strong message and convince them to reverse this despicable decision: “No severances, No sales!”

Together, we can prove Canada is a country where fairness matters -- let’s #BoycottSearsCanada until they do the right thing.
Goal of the claim (Improve)
Sears Canada needs to understand that you cannot treat people this way and get away with it. They can’t suddenly take everything away from the very people who’ve given them years of hard work, and who trusted them to make good on their duties to employees. And they can’t use that money to instead reward the very people who made all the mistakes.

Our aim is not to cause any harm to the remaining Sears employees; rather, we believe an immediate and significant drop in sales will force Sears Canada quickly rethink its priorities.

They will realise if the company is to survive at all, they must respect their severance and pension obligations to laid off employees, as well as treat remaining employees fairly.