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DescriptionSupport the trial against monsanto

The multinational that has avoided for (too) many years to publicly take responsibility, is now on trial for human rights violations, crimes against humanity and ecocide through international mobilization of civil society. The International Criminal Court will finally deliver its verdict against Monsanto in April 2017, we still have time to make things happen! The court accused the multinational of the following:
- Monsanto is the origin of at least one third of global greenhouse gas emissions due to human activity.
- Monsanto contributes to soil impoverishment with pesticides also pose a threat to the health of all and seeks to take control of our food with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
- Monsanto seeks to impose its dictatorial model to the world by forcing farmers in many countries to use their seeds.
Support and make your contribution by signing this petition, adding sources to the action plan and by boycotting products using Monsanto GMO (see list of products in Sources).
The challenge is to achieve a nascent right to change, the environment and incorporate the crime of "ecocide" or the destruction of our ecosystem.
We must fight against it and regain control over our environment and what ends up on our plates. Let us not allow absolute control to this multinational!
Goal of the claim (Change)
- To recognize environmental crimes at the international level.
- Define a legal framework for the preservation of the environment.
- Protect our natural resources and nature in general.
- Regain control over our food sovereignty.
- Prohibit the privatization of life.
- Sign the petition to give our support to the organization of this trial can be the beginning of a major change for the future of humanity.
- Boycotting the products that come from Monsanto's GMO crops to give weight to our mobilization in the world.