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DescriptionSign against the appropriation of the well in wellington (canada) by nestlé

SCANDAL! The Mayor of Wellington wanted to ensure water supply to its residents but Nestlé outbid and has appropriated the water! This well will not be for running water distributed to its residents but rather, it will be used for selling plastic bottle water at high price. What makes this situation even more scandalous? Nestlé pays a ridiculous price for the right to pump this water: $ 3.71 per MILLION LITER PUMPED! So, in addition to stealing what belongs to us, the multinational makes profit at our expense. When does the race for privatization of water will stop? This is our future, our children and our planet, and it must stop!
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Enough is enough: we can not accept the privatization of a resource that belongs to US. Nestlé bottled water must not be purchased and consumed to stop the monopoly of the multinational!