Action plan strategy Sign against the appropriation of the well in Wellington (Canada) by Nestlé

Stop buying PERMANENTLY Nestlé water and sign the petition for the residents of Wellington to get their well back!

Still 88 participations needed to achieve 200
The objective of our action



Stop consuming Nestlé bottled water and spread this claim with the hashtag # StopNestlé on your social networks, for it to become viral!

Still 41 participations needed to achieve 200
The objective of our action


Against who/what is this petition aim at.

Nestle group / Wellington's municipality

Required action

That Wellington residents get their well

The petition

To the Nestlé multinational company, Stop stealing the water that belongs to us! The Wellington well case represents unfortunately only one case among many others but the media coverage and the inability of Wellington people forces us to act together! With this petition, we ask that Nestlé ceases pumping water activities in the Wellington well so that its inhabitants can recuperate this resource that belongs to them. We also demand a global shutdown of pumping activities that facilitate the privatization of water. The action '' Stop Bottled Water '' is launched, we will not consume your bottled water for your profit and for the good of our planet. The Weroes.