Action plan strategy Universal Declaration of Biosphere Rights

That the idea of ​​creating a Universal Declaration of Biosphere Rights becomes viral on a global scale

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Why a petition ?

Promoting the creation of a Universal Declaration of Biosphere Rights

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For the protection of the biosphere

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Creating a Universal Declaration of Biosphere Rights

The petition

The destruction of our Biosphere is occurring at a brisk pace. No system of comprehensive legislation or even any code of ethics has ever been developed to protect nature and ensure the prosperity of life on our planet. Hurry up. We are all witnessing the consequences of the ecological imbalance that human beings have created in our daily lives. Most of us try to take personal actions, small daily actions to reduce the impact of our consumption on the environment, but unfortunately it is far from enough ... The human race must take responsibility at a global level. Exaggerated and unrestricted destruction must stop. We are constantly relaunched with the arguments of economic prosperity and job creation ... However, those responsible for the worst damage to our environment are making such huge profits that they have appropriated the right to exploit everything, natural resources as well as human resources. Money can not stop them because they own and control most of it. We must find ways to curb this aberration. I therefore launch the idea of ​​the creation of a Universal Declaration of the Biosphere Rights. Let this idea become viral on a planetary scale! Thanks for your support!