Action plan strategy The Drought of Lake Champlain

we all can do our part in cleaning the lake and keeping it clean by picking up harmful garbage, not littering, looking up invasive species on the dec web site, and letting the dec or forest rangers know when and where you have seen invasive species, you can also let fish and wild life know about things that may harm the environment
we also can bring the lakes condition up at town and political meetings to make the government realize how serious this is

Still 68 participations needed to achieve 100
The objective of our action


Why a letter campaign?

To inform the local government that we will not let them sit idly by while our lake dies

The letter
Dear Protectors of Lake Champlain, Us of the Community are worried about the lack of action to protect our lake and are afraid that such incompetence will cause the devastating loss of the lake and the very environment it protects so please help us in anyway you can to save our little peace of the world from the natural disaster that could occur if we sit idly by. From, The People of Lake Champlain

Still 73 participations needed to achieve 100

Social Networking

Pourquoi faire cette action?

To Spread the Word and possibly put this issue on the map


Share your concerns about lake champlain on every social networking sit you know and get the world involved to protect the various species of the world that depend on our lake

Still 46 participations needed to achieve 100
Why a petition ?

To Get the government to save our lake

Against who/what is this petition aim at.

Save Lake Champlain

Required action

Clean the lake and Fix the Water Level

The petition

Dear Sir/Madam, The citizens of lake champlain are concerned about the lack of concern for our lake and believe that if a course of action is not taken we may lose the lake all together along with the environment that relies upon it having catastrophic events so please help us save our part of the world and the plants, animals, and economy as a farming community that rely on Lake Champlain. Sincerely, The People Of Lake Champlain