DescriptionLet's stop pipeline ! protect our environment! protect our future !

The oil companies and those who govern us have always wanted to impose their projects without us even oppose it. This must stop. We are all concerned. The economic stakes must not pass before those of the environment and the interests of the population. If we want to change this system, we must become actors and not remain observers who simply suffer.
Pipelines are a threat to the environment, a threat to the preservation of our lands and a threat to our water reserves. Accidents occur regularly and large quantities of oil are spilled. For all these reasons, we must have our say.
The people of Dakota have already won a big victory Pipeline companies can not take ownership of land for public utility purposes when it does not benefit the people of the state.
In Dakota, sometimes violent demonstrations take place against the Dakota Access Pipeline project. They receive much support from across the US and Canada.
This demonstrates that by mobilizing it is possible to oppose the dictatorial power of lobbies as powerful as those of oil and pipeline companies.
The election of Donald Trump is likely to be a powerful support for the extension of pipelines in the United States and Canada. A project as controversial as that of Keystone XL that President Obama refused to support will be relaunched. Energy east in Canada could also been launched by the canadian Prime minister who just authorized two pipelines extensions in the west of Canada. We must react.
Objectifs de la revendication (Improve)
1- Present this petition to the governors of the States concerned and to the deputies and senators who represent us at the congress. The more of us to sign, the more it will strengthen the influence we, voters, can have about the choices that involve our future economic, social and environmental. Pipelines are tools that pose a major threat to our environment and our way of life. Let us unite against the omnipotence of this industry.

2- Creation of consultative assemblies bringing together the population, elected representatives and companies where everyone can express their concerns and questions about the various projects. These councils will be a first step in opening a constructive and democratic dialogue where everyone will be able to put forward his arguments. This is a citizens' initiative where all pipeline issues will be debated before reaching a final referendum that will act as final arbiter.

3- Organize a referendum in the communities that would be crossed by a Pipeline. The consultation of the population is a democratic act which seems obvious, but which is very rarely applied. The referendum is the symbol par excellence. For projects that can be as controversial and involving so many fundamental issues for the future, this should be an obligation. If our leaders refuse, let us organize our own referendums to set an example, and above all to prove how much we are motivated to make ourselves heard.