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DescriptionAct now! defend agriculture, our health depends on it

Since 1995, the Marrakesh Agreement establishing the WTO has progressively abolished free trade barriers in the agricultural sector, and the consequences have been devastating:
- Environmental degradation and soil depletion
- Significant increase in the use of GMOs and pesticides
- Steadily rising overconsumption
- Malnutrition and starvation
- Decline in food quality and massive increase in junk food
- Increased suicide rates among farmers all over the world who can no longer keep up with this capitalist exploitation
The removal of free trade barriers on agricultural products has had serious impacts on our health. Farmers’ working conditions have deteriorated and production has increased at an irrational pace. This has drastically affected the quality of our food and preservation of the environment, which are both not only crucial to our health, but to our survival.
Agriculture has a major impact on people’s quality of life. Not protecting it puts us ALL in danger!
Countries that have signed this agreement, our leaders, believe in the continued exploitation of people and nature for capitalist gains. This notion has significantly harmed the economical, social and environmental balance around the world, not to mention people’s health.
Agricultural products, which are essential to our survival, should not be subject to the laws of the market. It’s time to revisit unfair trading practices and take action!
Objectifs de la revendication (Improve)
We are calling for the restoration of free trade barriers for healthy and sustainable agriculture.
The benefits would be far-reaching and widely beneficial, since health and the environment touches everyone.
Some of the actions that need to happen, in no particular order, are:
- Improve the quality of production and products, and thereby the health of consumers at the end of the chain
-Take environmental measures in the field of agriculture
- Buy locally
- Eliminate waste
- Improve the lives of farmers all over the world by providing fair economic conditions while protecting the environment, land, livestock, consumption and health.
This issue affects all of us. We need such actions to protect our future and that of our children, their health, and the planet we leave behind.