Action plan strategy Act now! Defend agriculture, our health depends on it

- Launch a worldwide petition to abolish the WTO agreement on agriculture and restore trade barriers in this sector.
- Following the petition, organize a day of demonstrations in all countries you have enlisted with the help of collaborators in order to put pressure on members of the agreement.
- Bring together economists and lawyers from all walks of life to study the practical consequences of denouncing the WTO agreement on agriculture.

Still 1209 participations needed to achieve 2500
Why a petition ?

To put pressure on our leaders to withdraw from the agreement and end the free trade of agricultural products.

Against who/what is this petition aim at.

Countries that are members of the World Trade Organization.

Required action

Demand that the WTO agreement on agriculture be revoked and trade barriers restored.

The petition

With this petition, we call for the end of the WTO agreement and for the restoration of trade barriers in the agricultural sector worldwide. The current agreement has serious implications: - Environmental degradation and soil depletion - Significant increase in the use of GMOs and pesticides - Steadily rising overconsumption and malnutrition - Decline in food quality - Increased suicide rates among farmers all over the world who can’t keep up with this capitalist race to profit at all costs. These consequences endanger people's health, destroy the environment and put the entire planet in danger. You consider nature to be a commodity that you can exploit at will, and your goal is to profit at all cost. This capitalist notion has significantly harmed the economical, social and environmental balance around the world, not to mention people’s health. It’s unthinkable that basic human needs such as food, are subject to market laws and speculation as if they were merely consumer OBJECTS. Everyone on the planet should have access to quality food. Agricultural land must be preserved and exploited sustainably, and farmers must be guaranteed fair economic conditions. The barbaric regulations imposed by the WTO must be revoked. After more than 20 years in effect, it’s time people start to recognize the epic failure of the agreement, and the repercussions it has had on people’s health. It’s time for a change. Let’s put an end to this agreement. With this petition, we want to put pressure on the WTO to take into account the most important needs of the population and safeguard the environment, and our children. We won’t stop putting pressure on you for our own protection!

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The objective of our action


Pourquoi une Manifestation?

After the petition, organize a day of demonstrations in all enlisted countries to make our claim.

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Bring Economists Together


Bring together international economists and lawyers to study the consequences of denouncing and revoking the agreement, and assist countries in preparing for these economic consequences.