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Description#notinmyphone: tell apple - samsung to stop using cobalt from child labour

Amnesty International has documented adults and children -- some as young as seven -- working in extremely hazardous conditions without even the most basic protective clothing or equipment, despite the potentially fatal health effects of prolonged exposure to cobalt.
Using basic hand tools, miners dig out rocks from tunnels deep underground, and accidents are common.
Children often spend hours working on the surface sorting, sifting, washing and transporting heavy sacks of cobalt ore. This cobalt then enters the supply chain of many of the world’s leading electronic brands -- it’s used to power mobile phones, laptop computers and other portable devices we use every day without a second thought.
Electronics giants like Apple and Samsung have admitted they don't really know where their cobalt comes from. These companies are failing to do basic checks to ensure that cobalt mined by child labourers and adults working in dangerous condition has not been used in their lucrative products. That’s why we’re calling on the biggest electronics giants of them all, Apple and Samsung, to show leadership and ensure they are not profiting from human rights abuses in the DRC by using this cobalt.
With enough public pressure, Apple and Samsung will have no choice but to do the right thing and ensure their cobalt supply chain isn’t fuelling human rights abuses against adults and young children in the DRC.
It has to stop, and we -- their customers -- have the power to make them listen.
Goal of the claim (Change)
It's time for the electronics giants like Apple and Samsung to take responsibility. You have the power to make them listen.
Tell them you want them to investigate their cobalt supply chain and prove they are addressing human rights abuses.
The government of the DRC must extend and enforce labour and safety protections for all artisanal miners and create more authorized artisanal mining areas. The government, along with companies like Apple and Samsung, should ensure that children are removed from hazardous working conditions and address the children’s educational and other needs. All governments should enact and enforce laws requiring corporate due diligence and public disclosure in relation to cobalt and other minerals.