Action plan strategy Stop Depop

The plan is to force heads of state and government, the UN system and Pope Francis to provide full disclosure, stop all covert methods of depopulation and instead legislate replacement level fertility from the global governance level as a Planetary Security Prerogative.

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The objective of our action


Against who/what is this petition aim at.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Required action

Stop covert methods of depopulation

The petition

Secretary-General Guterres, Since its inception, the United Nations has been central to the Global Depopulation Policy, a covert program of population control that forces governments throughout the world and uses the technical and financial assets of the military-industrial complex to undermine fertility and longevity in order to stop the global population from growing and ultimately reduce it to a sustainable level. This program has downgraded the genetic and intellectual endowment of mankind, shattered the credibility and legitimacy of the state, perverted the rule of law, debased democracy, turned medicine and public health into handmaidens of genocide and transformed the basic elements of life into weapons of mass destruction. We, the people of the world, call on you to provide full disclosure, apologize for the damage done, and call for an immediate cessation of all covert methods of depopulation and for the adoption of a global replacement level fertility law so the global genocide can stop and mankind can assume command and control over limiting human life on the planet and attaining sustainability. If you fail to tell the truth and initiate a change of course the United Nations will not survive into the future and the system of peace preservation that was adopted in 1945 will be the cause of conflict on a scale and scope never before seen.