Action plan strategy Let`s work 30 hours/week full time for family and us, hobbies, development!

The plan is to obtain as much signatures as possible and send them to the Government.

Still 83 participations needed to achieve 100
The objective of our action


Why a petition ?

Because anyone can sign a petition online from the comfort of their home.

Against who/what is this petition aim at.

Against corporations, patrons and who ever is against of our freedom, equality, equity and quality of life.

Required action

Stop forcing us work 40-60 hours/week full time.

The petition

At this moment, the contracts made between corporations and humans does not put the humans in advantage at all, especially when it comes to the time and mental health (i`m talking about people that work something that they don`t like). The corporations have the right to put humans to work in bank holy days without them having anything to say against and they can force the humans to work 60 hours/week to maximize their profit. And if the humans would not obey their schedule, they have the right to dismiss them. The corporations and majority of patrons goal is profit and they want more each year, more than the last year and all this on the back of humans treated like slaves. When you work 6 hours instead 8-10 hours you have more energy left to do something in this free time, what ever makes you happy !