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DescriptionSign against trump rescinding the daca program

From the beginning of his term, Donald Trump has gone from controversy to controversy. We cannot remain silent while this government’s actions threaten the population of an entire country!
In yet another blow to immigrants, the Trump administration decided to end the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) program, which was instituted in 2012 by President Barack Obama to prevent the deportation of young immigrants whose parents entered the United States illegally. According to NBC news, the DACA program is supported by 64% of Americans.
These young immigrants, called Dreamers after the DREAM act and who benefited from DACA, will find themselves in a clandestine situation and face deportation because of this rash decision that will have terrible consequences.
The DACA program allowed children who met certain qualifications and who arrived in the United States before the age of 16 to benefit from the same rights and liberties as any other citizen. It granted them the opportunity to work and pursue higher education without risking deportation.
Those children are part of the very soul of this nation and many have known nothing else than the United States; some of them do not even speak the language of their native country. Donald Trump now wants to rescind their protection on their own territory, an utter shame!
More than 800,000 young Americans benefited from DACA, some of which are now doctors, professors, or college students. With the end of the program, they might have to renounce their dreams.
This decision not only destroys hope of a better future for many Americans, but it will also affect their whole families and will create rifts and inequality. We have to stand against the rescinding of DACA and fight to stop the Trump administration from ending the program. Sign this petition to show your support!
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It is inconceivable that we allow the suppression of the DACA program. Thousands of families are concerned and thousands of young people who helped and served this country will be left without the protection of a legal status that will allow them to study and work. We cannot let them be deprived of their rights and liberties when they have never known illegality.
If the administration moves on with the rescinding, it is imperative that it be replaced by another program allowing those who benefited from DACA to remain safely on the territory.