Action plan strategy In Support of Edward Snowden's Presidential Pardon

Edward Snowden, with the support of the international civil society, should be able to return to his country and to obtain Presidential pardon. In having denounced the NSA and their immoral practice of using companies' and peoples' data, Edward Snowden actively participated in the practice of democracy and should not be judged instead of the true culprits!

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The objective of our action


Why a petition ?

With the petition, the signers can support Edward on an international scale and create better understanding of whistleblowers throughout the world.

Against who/what is this petition aim at.

US government

Required action

In Support of Edward Snowden's Presidential Pardon

The petition

To the White House, We are asking for the presidential pardon of Edward Snowden and for the NSA to make transparent and public their collection of information. Edward Snowden's moral and ethic acts allowed the population to become aware of the issue of the the NSA's surveillance of American citizens, but have also brought light to the unjust treatment of whistleblowers. His imprisonment would send a very dangerous anti-democratic message to future generations. The NSA, which is currently lurking in the shadows, must make amends to the citizens.

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The objective of our action


Pourquoi faire cette action?

And get rid of the “location” feature on our phones!


This action would permit the participants to really get involved and change the practice of the use of their personal information.