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DescriptionIn support of edward snowden's presidential pardon

Found guilty of espionage in the United States, the informationist found refuge in Russia, having been forced to leave his country because of the impending threat of a prison sentence.
Snowden has permission to reside in Russia until the end of 2017. He is asking for a presidential pardon to be able to return home to the United States, because the Espionage Act “does not allow a whistleblower a public
interest defense.
It does not distinguish between those who freely give critical information to journalists in the public interest or spies who sell it to a foreign power for their own,” has deplored Edward Snowden.
However, his revelations benefitted citizens, leading to the amendment of unconstitutional laws and a better protection of private life and of confidential information of internet users throughout the world.
Goal of the claim (Change)
Edward Snowden, with the support of the international civil society, should be able to return to his country and to obtain Presidential pardon. In having denounced the NSA and their immoral practice of using companies' and peoples' data, Edward Snowden actively
participated in the practice of democracy and should not be judged instead of the true culprits!