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DescriptionIn support of whistleblower yasmine motarjemi in her fight against nestle!

Yasmine Motarjemi, former scientist at the World Health Organization, started working as Corporate Food Safety Manager at Nestlé in 2000.

However, this respected specialist was not able to properly fulfill her mission. Following several inspections, she noticed numerous dysfunctions within the company that could lead to health hazards. She fought for our safety; it is now our turn to fight for her!

After discovering flaws in Nestlé’s regulation systems that had the potential to endanger consumer safety, Yasmine Motarjemi reported to her superiors but, when her advice was ignored, she decided to simply stop approving products that contradicted regulations. This is when her ordeal began.

Management decided that her approval was no longer necessary concerning hygiene and food safety. However, in 2002, when 40 babies died of suffocation after consuming Nestlé’s cookies, Yasmine Motarjemi officially asked that the minimum age of consumption for dry biscuits be raised. This was followed by immediate reprisals from Nestlé’s management.

Yasmine Motarjemi began to be harassed, despised, discredited and set aside until finally accepting her termination on the grounds of a “difference of opinion.”

Yasmine Motarjemi sued Nestlé for harassment, but when she exposed her story to the media, the company also pursued legal actions against her and prosecuted her. For the last 6 years, Yasmine faced Nestlé alone in court and the company used every means at its disposal to put pressure on its former employee.

Ms. Motarjemi fought for the safety of her consumers and is now a victim. Unlawfully terminated, she deserves our entire support. Sign this petition to show your support to Yasmine Motarjemi, whistleblower who fights against Nestlé, and to show your disagreement with Nestlé’s legislation.
Goal of the claim (Improve)
As consumers, we have to know that people like Ms. Motarjemi are here to protect our interest, safety, and health. We have to stand with them when a case like this occurs. 

The purpose of this claim is to broadly share this story in order to raise awareness amongst consumers regarding what happens behind the scenes within many popular brands. 

As consumers, it is our duty to put pressure on Nestlé’s management and ask them to stop the prosecution against Yasmine Motarjemi. 

Show your support to Yasmine by signing this petition and by boycotting the brand!