Action plan strategy In support of whistleblower Yasmine Motarjemi in her fight against Nestle!

1.   Sign the petition and share the story of Yasmine Motarjemi, which is being stifled by Nestlé.

2.   Boycott Nestlé’s products for their lack of transparency on the risks caused by their products and in order to show support to Yasmine.

3.   A letter addressed to Nestlé’s CEO.

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Against who/what is this petition aim at.

Nestlé President and CEO

Required action

Stop persecuting whistleblower Yasmine Motarjemi

The petition

Nestle has been on trial for the last six years against Ms. Yasmine Motarjemi, former Corporate Food Safety Manager for your company. Consumers have inquired regarding Ms. Motarjemi’s case, which you are familiar with considering Nestlé’s still ongoing legal process.

We would like you to know that, as consumers, this situation is unacceptable to us and that we wholeheartedly support Yasmine Motarjemi who defended our interests by carrying out the tasks entrusted to her as Food Safety Manager.

We demand that you withdraw all charges held against her and that you provide transparency with respect to both this affair and your Management’s treatment of Ms. Motarjemi in the last years.

We, consumers, support Yasmine Motarjemi, and will share her story. We are calling for a general boycott of your brand as long as Yasmine is not cleared of charges and duly compensated for her ordeal.

(You can address the petition or another letter to support Yasmine Motarjemi here.)

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Boycott list

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