Action plan strategy Petition for the release of John Chang and Allison Lu from China's prisons

Appeal to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Sign and share the petition for the release of John Chang and Allison Lu.


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Against who/what is this petition aim at.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Ministre of Canada

Required action

No trade talk with China until John Chang and Allison Lu are released

The petition

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Following your disregard for the many pleas and letters that Amy Chang, daughter of John Chang and Allison Lu addressed to you, we, the citizens, decided to take the matter into our own hands.

As you are assuredly aware, John Chang and Allison Lu, two Canadian citizens, have been unjustly detained in China since March 2016 under false accusations concerning their wine export business.

As of yet, the Canadian government has not undertaken any action towards the release of its two citizens, despite the numerous appeals by their families.

John Chang is suffering from cancer and his health condition is worsening every day. The couple has been separated for 20 months and still the government has initiated no repatriation measures or even negotiations for their release.

This December, you will be traveling to China to strengthen economic ties between China and Canada. It is of paramount importance that you discuss with the Chinese government and negotiate the release of the couple on this occasion.

Many of us refuse to establish and strengthen ties between the two countries until the release of John Chang and Allison Lu. China must prove its honesty in this story and do everything in its power to see that justice is done.

We demand that you undertake negotiations with the Chinese authorities as soon as possible to enable the release of this couple and their safe return to their families in Canada.

We thank you in advance for the attention you will give to our request.