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DescriptionPetition for the release of john chang and allison lu from china's prisons

John Chang and his wife, Allison Lu, have been imprisoned in China since March 2016. It has now been 20 long months that this innocent couple has spent behind bars, without the support of the Canadian government.

Their daughter, Amy Chang has tried in vain to reach out to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It is now our duty to appeal to the Canadian government to ensure the release of these two Canadian vintners. Sign this petition so that John Chang and Allison Lu be freed as soon as possible and to put pressure on the Canadian government to help in this matter.

Owners of a vineyard in Richmond, British Columbia, John Chang and Allison Lu had been exporting their product to China for 6 years. In March 2016, they traveled to China to meet with their local distributors and were apprehended by the customs authorities that accused them of underestimating their amount of export to China.

John Chang and Allison Lu claimed their innocence, but the Chinese authorities separated and incarcerated them. The couple’s daughter, Amy Chang, has been fighting ever since for the release of her parents, but the Canadian government has ignored many of her appeals, even though her parents received Canadian citizenship in 1998.

Time is running out! John Chang suffers from cancer and has already lost a third of his body weight due to his incarceration conditions. It is imperative that he and his wife be released and returned to Canada, where he can receive proper medical treatment as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be traveling to China from December 3rd to December 7th. It is primordial that we put pressure on the government so that negotiations regarding the release of John Chang and Allison Lu occur during this state visit.

Canada cannot build healthy relations with China under such circumstances. We have to stand up and demand the freedom of the couple by signing this petition addressed to Justin Trudeau! 
Goal of the claim (Improve)
We wish to call on the public authorities and citizens to mobilize for the release of these two Canadian citizens, John Chang and Allison Lu, who are unjustly detained in China.

We cannot tolerate that Canada continues to reinforce its diplomatic and economic relations with China while John Chang and Allison Lu remain imprisoned in China!

The behaviour of the Chinese authorities is unacceptable, as these two Canadian citizens are innocent of the charges held against them. On its end, the Canadian government is also guilty of ignoring the pleas of Amy Chang, the couple’s daughter.

It is imperative that we let both these governments hear our voices!

Sign this petition and share the story of these two vintners unjustly incarcerated so that everyone may join the movement and defend their cause!