DescriptionEnforce dam safety act. protect us from flooding and catastrophy

This is a story of how the best of intentions (Dam Safety Act) can be so poorly implemented that virtually no information, or (Even Worse) incorrect information is reaching those in most need of it to protect life and limb, as it relates to inundation and Dam break flood conditions.

A concatenation of bureaucratic bumbling, and careful manipulation of legal and administrative regulation by Hydro Quebec, the MDDELCC, and local municipalities have resulted in the NON dissemination of critical lifesaving information to the public.

Regulations crafted to delay & prevent the identification of incomplete enforcement, and false representation of facts to the public.
Goal of the claim (Improve)
Identify all failures to enforce the Dam Safety Act, in-accordance with the intent of the act, to all parties responsible for its implementation (Hydro Quebec, MDDELCC, Municipalities), and to ensure its subsequent flaws are corrected.


a) The current Dam Safety Act denotes that the Emergency Action Plans are to be distributed to all affected parties.
b) The Dam Safety Regulation denotes that Emergency Action Plans be distributed to the municipality where Dams are installed.
c) Result - Emergency action plans are never delivered to all affected parties. 10+ years after creation, our municipality 1.5 km downstream of a Dam had never received the Inundation Plans, or Emergency Action Plans.

a)The current Dam Safety Act denotes plans should take into account the Failure of the Dam and its consequences.
b) Hydro Quebec used old Dam Break Plans, that OMIT the consequences of the failure of the Dam in question.
c) Result - Incomplete information provided to municipalities and consequently flawed preparation & response plans.

a) The current Dam Safety Act denotes monitoring, forecasting and communication of Levels critical to safety.
b) Hydro Quebec refuses to release level information to the public,as it has "financial" value to them.
c) Result - Public is not informed (Ever) how high water levels are projected to be, preventing their proactive preventative protective measures response.

Inundation Maps
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