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DescriptionJustice for the poorest of the poor

"Food insecurity" is the kind of phrase one might hear at United Nations Headquarters, applied to a developing country.

However, as Congressman Dwight Evans has pointed out to a recent Town Hall meeting, food insecurity is a big problem in his own district, which includes much of Philadelphia, a major city in one of the richest countries in the world.

All one has to do is take a walk in our city and one will be approached by desperate women, men, and sometimes children, asking for spare change.

Some are mentally ill, some are drug-addicted, but all are poor, and some are simply among the poorest of the poor in a city sometimes called the city of sisterly affection and brotherly love.

Pope Francis has recently urged us not to worry that such people may use the money we give them for a glass of wine, and encouraged us to touch their hands when they approach us.
Goal of the claim (Improve)
Restorative justice for the poor.