Support, Participate, Propagate!

DescriptionWeapon industry should be under strict control of the un, eu and osce!

Today humanity suffers most from the uncontrolled development of the Weapon industry is in many countries of the world. They are not under the control of the authorities but they are under the control of corrupt politicians, lobbyists and amoral underworld. It is these people in suits and ties are the greatest threat to humanity. We, who are against the war all over the world have to say: Stop the War in the world! Stop uncontrolled arms trade !
Goal of the claim (Improve)
We simple citizens, are easy extraction and victims of an alliance of politicians, lobbyists and representatives military - industrial complexes, their uncountable, various production. Their market are military actions and gangsterism and citizens-children, women, old people are their defenseless victims. The ministries of defenses of many countries for a long time have turned to the ministries of an attack, and the ministry of national safety in the ministries of national danger.
We operate only when the trouble is knocked on our doors when we become victims of the armed violence, those bombing attacks who prefers to make profit due to violence. This category of people include not only gangsters from street but also armed forces of the countries and people who create weapon, write application of the weapon and plans of action: gangsters or army. Our reaction and our actions decrease proportionally to distance between us and a scene of action of violence:
 We REACT most strongly when the trouble concerns personally us and our relatives;
We DON`T REACT when the trouble concerns the citizens living in the far countries and other continents; 
We WORRY about far continents only when our relatives are at war there on call of authorities. 
We DON`T WORRY, we do not reflect and we are not interested about what our soldiers do in those edges far; 
We UNDERSTAND that it(