Action plan strategy Weapon Industry SHOULD BE under strict control of the UN, EU and OSCE!

Please, send your letter to Parliament in your country and ask responsible politicians take controll over Weapon industry!

Still 73 participations needed to achieve 100
Why a letter campaign?

We, who loves the life and peace, have very difficult to live without war. Everyday somewhere in this world is war, weapon involved conflicts and killings of innocent people of armed criminals.

The letter
I ask You to take responsibility and to think about the establishment of strict control over the defense industry and arms trade. Enough uncontrolled sale of arms for decades! Enough to shed the blood of millions of innocent citizens! It can not, should not continue in the further! Please, sit down and think about this global problem of peace and humanity! Do everything you can to contribute to this noble cause of ensuring peace in the world! I thank You for your courage and bold civic position in this overarching reality for all of us who living on this beautiful planet Earth, the preservation of which depends on termination of the wars of and strict gun control - over its production and sales!